Quantum Tensor Tools - Archangel Michael Pendant
Quantum Tensor Tools - Archangel Michael Pendant
Quantum Tensor Tools - Archangel Michael Pendant
Quantum Tensor Tools - Archangel Michael Pendant

Quantum Tensor Tools - Archangel Michael Pendant

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Each pendant is hand-crafted and therefore unique. This means each item may differ slightly from the images shown.
  • Is an Archangel Michael Pendant suitable for you?
    • Are you sensitive to people’s emotions? Can you feel when someone is upset or emotional?
    • Can you feel a room when entering it?
    • Are you impacted or drained just going to the grocery store?
    • Are you stressed and unable to relax even when attempting to do so?
    • Are you having a hard time clearing negative energies from your field?
  • Some background on the Archangel Michael Pendant
    • The pendant came from working with people and creating custom Archangel Metatron pendants. I noticed the change in energies with the addition of different crystals. This particular version of custom Metatron became the Archangel Michael when this crystal set was introduced. The energy it gives off is that of protection, warmth, calming, and healing. As if you were in the presence of Archangel Michael.
  • Our Archangel Michael pendant is a tour-de-force. Peter incorporated a robust selection of stones
  • This pendant contains two tensor rings that work on the heart, higher heart emotional, and etheric body. There are eight selected crystals which are their combined power
  • The pendant helps our clients remain open, clear conduits for positive guidance, clear insights, and direction on their spiritual path
  • What you can expect when wearing the Archangel Michael Pendant
    • You can feel it!
    • This pendant is highly effective at creating a feeling of calm and wholeness and has healing benefits
    • The eight stones have unique properties: calming, body healing, heart energy, 3rd Eye activation, cleansing of negativity, energetic purification, chakra balance, protection, and more!
    • The Pendant creates an energy field similar to a dome of light around you above the emotional energy field. Thereby shielding you from energies around you, whether it is people, places, or planets
    • When wearing this pendant, it connects to your morphogenetic field and creates a protective light around your subtle bodies of light. This force field will protect your core energy field from lower influences, including environmental, building, negative energies/entities, and people. The pendant will work directly with the client’s conscious intentions. Doing this will enable us to understand how powerful you can be as an aspect of the source
    • The more sensitive you are, the more impactful the pendant will have!

*Note: for example, if the intent is to remove and keep away negative energies, we recommend infusing the pendant with pure love and light.